French Marriage Practices

Traditionally, French weddings will be arranged by bride’s family. However , the even more couples are breaking this tradition. These types of weddings happen to be spectacular. They include a variety of practices that are completely unique to Bengali culture. The marriage is mostly a time for the couple in order to meet each other, and take the primary steps into their new life mutually.

The wedding is generally divided into three stages. The first stage involves the preparation of the star of the event. This is usually created by her close family members. Many dishes have decided for her friends and family. The bride-to-be also privately cooks the meal. This is usually a mini-feast.

The 2nd stage for the marriage is definitely the ‘Bou Bhaat’ or the wedding party reception. The bride and groom are brought to their granparents and home subscribers at this reception. They are consequently given signifies. The family has been known to invite distant family members to the reception.

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The bride and groom in that case leave meant for the groom’s residence. This is a far more relaxed and fewer formal wedding. After the soon-to-be husband relationship with japanese woman dating an bangladeshi woman provides presented a fresh sari and a variety of important accessories to the bride, the groom’s family is placed at a chadnatolla (sanctum sanctorum). The groom fantastic family get a gift from bride’s family members. This gift can then be presented on a silver denture.

The groom’s family unit then gets to the bride’s house. They are simply greeted by bride’s spouse and children. The bride’s family then prepares a mini-feast. The meal is normally accompanied by a number of sweets.


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