The Politics of International Marriage in Japan

(See “Young feminists take on the family,” part of a special issue of The Scholar & Feminist Online, /sfonline). For additional date brazilian models discussion of this issue, see Carlson et al. 2001; Seiler 2002; and Amato 2003. Similarly, the faith-based initiatives advanced by President Bush early in his presidency were highly controversial.

Again, an interaction term between gender and partnership type was not significant. We immediately see strong differences (significant at the 0.001 level) by partnership type in the U.S. and U.K., countries with similar means-tested benefit systems. As expected, controlling for parental separation and socio-economic status of the respondents’ parents reduced the magnitude of the coefficient substantially. However, it was the duration of the union that eliminated differences between cohabitation and marriage, suggesting that the similarity between the two partnership types increases as the duration becomes more similar. A positive association between marriage and health may not indicate a causal relationship, but instead be due to selection. In this paper, we focus on selection mechanisms that influence partnership choices before entrance into union, in particular parental socio-economic status and family structure in childhood.

  • To check on the procedures in another country, start with the embassy or consulate for that country.
  • Darnell Alfred, Sherkat Darren E. The impact of Protestant fundamentalism on educational attainment.
  • They don’t feel comfortable with the social conventions of marriage or the religious/traditional connotations surrounding marriage.
  • The corresponding gaps in our knowledge are even more pronounced in the case of the literature on religion.

Like marriage, the institution of religion is an integrative force. Religious congregations offer regular opportunities to socialize and interact with friends who share similar values; they offer assistance to members in need; they foster a sense of community through which participants help one another. Ellison and George find that people who frequently attend religious services not only have larger social networks, but also hold more positive perceptions of the quality of their social relationships. The positive association between religious involvement and longevity is accounted for in part by this channel (Strawbridge et al. 1997; Hummer et al. 1999).

The first is a plain copy of the marriage record which is not official use but typically for family histories or personal use. The second type of marriage record is referred to as a one-seal copy which is usually used for domestic purposes such as changing a name for Social Security benefits or drivers license. You can also obtain a two seal copy which is generally used for international purposes and immigration. So if you do decide to tie the knot in France it’s worth noting that you don’t necessarily have to live there to claim citizenship by marriage. Plus once you do get your citizenship, you are, of course, free to move and work in another EU country – preferably one with lower taxes. If your spouse is from Ireland and you’re willing to live there for a couple of years, you can apply for a passport after three years of marriage or civil relationship.

At the same time, they also find evidence of positive selection into marriage based on unobserved characteristics, such as preferences for risk and adventure and for social contact. The other side of this argument is that a difference in religion between partners may be a destabilizing force within a marriage. Empirical analyses have found that religious heterogamy increases the risk of marital conflict and instability (Michael 1979; Lehrer 1996). A more detailed analysis that examines different types of interfaith unions shows that intermarriage comes in various forms and shades. Some interfaith marriages, such as those involving members of different ecumenical Protestant denominations, are quite stable. In contrast, the probability of divorce is high among unions in which the partners have very different religious beliefs or are members of religious groups that have sharply defined boundaries.

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Part of the difficulty is learning to accept differences, and marrying someone from another country comes packaged with changes. Approximately 2.25% of Japan’s residents are foreigners., many of whom have married with Japanese nationals as a result of spending time living and working in Japan.

Once the visa is approved, your fiancé is able to immigrate to the United States and the two of you have 90 days to marry. If the marriage doesn’t take place within the 90 days allowed by the visa, they must leave the United States.

Marriage and Cohabitation in the U.S.

When my husband explains his culture to me, I feel more connected to it as I am more intimately exposed to it. When you learn about a different culture in a positive way, you also stop thinking that your own culture is superior to others.

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Unfortunately, this was the only age at which NLSY participants were asked about their health. In order to increase comparability across surveys, we use this age range to define mid-life. Their results show adverse selection into marriage based on self-perceived general health.


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