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Jihye is a professional bikini and sports model, fitness contest judge, and physical trainer who has gained attention on Instagram. She also gives professional consultations for people wanting to stay fit and healthy. On her feed, you’ll see posts about her entering bikini contests, going to the gym, going to the beach, and modelling for photographers and magazines. In the 2018 F/W season alone, Shin Hyun-ji walked a total of 42 shows, including Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Valentino. She was cast in ad campaigns for notable brands such as Chanel, Max Mara and Calvin Klein.

  • If redness is your primary skin concern, this brand, which launched in 2019, should be on your radar.
  • The series is based on The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate by San Gyung, and it follows the story of Yoon Hyun-woo (played by Song Joong-Ki) who is a reliable worker for Sunyang Group.
  • Glitz, glamour and sometimes tragedy, Korean female models are some of the most popular in Asia.
  • The street food is popular in the winter in Korea, where you’ll find stalls selling bungeoppang cooked in little fish-shaped molds.

It accounts for 10% of all cancers and 12% of all cancer deaths. In regions with higher prevalence, 10 to 40% occur in early stages, with the 5-year survival rate between 10 and 50%. Japan, where mass screening for gastric cancer is practiced, has the lowest mortality worldwide. Twenty Korean actresses you would wish have join Miss Korea.

“The single most important achievement of the past couple of years is that these issues are now on the agenda.” It is becoming easier to make different choices, says Ms Jung. “Young people no longer want these conservative traditions, and women are free to reject them.” That increasing sense of possibility is not confined to gender roles. Ms Kim says she only realised she had not been at fault when she met Yang Ji-hye, a bubbly 22-year-old who heads up a group of young women battling sexism in schools. To Ms Yang, a big part of the problem is a lack of education about sex and equality. Ms Kim’s middle-school sex education consisted of anti-abortion videos.

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Eun Joo is sought-after by brands needing commercial models for their beauty and skincare products. Stunning dancer, a reputable model, Park Min Young is our pick for the most beautiful Korean actress of 2022. A native of South Korea, Park is drop dead gorgeous and best known for performance in television dramas such as City Hunter, Healer, Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Remember – War of the Son. In addition to acting, she’s also face for Sony Ericsson, LG, Korea Air, Lipton Ice Tea Compagnie, and Pizza. Son Ye Jin, a amorous, sizzling character of Korean industry. She augmented fame in romance films and television dramas like The Classic, Summer Scent, A Moment to remember, and April Snow and many others. This astonishing young actress received several awards out of which most prominent was the Blue Dragon Film Award for the category of Best New Actress.

As the last step in your nighttime skincare routine, your skin will quickly drink it up before bed. Plus, the formula will deliver major moisture all throughout the night. Another series based on a webcomic, The Uncanny Counter is a stylish, action-packed thrill ride that doesn’t pull any punches.

The Most Beautiful Korean Actresses Working in Film Today

Moreover, the couple lives across the street from the Colonel and his wife. Soon an affair starts between the Colonel and the man’s wife. There multiple sex scenes between the Colonel and the wife are both intense and romantic, with one particular scene that takes place in his car. Janie Coleman is a psychologist and dating coach with more than 10 years of experience. She has worked with singles of all ages, helping them to build relationships and find love. Janie enjoys blogging as a way to help people connect, and believes that healthy relationships are the key to a happy life. The beautiful and successful woman willingly shares the details of her life on her Instagram.

Final Episode Air Date – 3rd April 2022

You can also check out her Youtube, where she actually rose to fame in the first place. Not only is Paige super strong, but she’s also mentally fit as well.

The drive passes row after row of blocky uniform apartment towers, lined up like dominoes across the drab plains that surround Seoul’s bowl-shaped basin and eight surrounding guardian mountains. By and large, has won the hearts of his fans with his innocent face and acting skills. At the present time, Lee Joon-gi is one of the most adored and emerging Korean actors. In addition, Gong Yoo was nominated as an ambassador by UNICEF in 2013, and since that, he has played a constructive role in child rights awareness campaigns. Obviously, the zombie blockbuster “Train To Busan” is such a Korean movie that is watched by almost every movie lover. And owing to this fact, we can safely call the male lead of this movie, Gong Yoo, a well-recognized Korean face worldwide. In short, Lee Dong-Wook can easily be considered as one of the most popular male Korean heroes.


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